Executive Board 



Karen Hitzeman

Moira Hathcock


Immediate Past Co-Presidents

Shonne Ehrhardt

Missy Amrol

1st Co-Vice Presidents




Marcy Pettersen, Margie Carr



Alla Block, Anne Hoffer, Karen Posey



Ann Burke


Pam Paradies



Kristine Walczak



Maggie Rogula



Bob Kost

Committee Chairs

Bookfair- Attea

Kathy Hartsig, Karen Toomey



Kim Cardis, Jennifer Davis


Box Tops, Amazon's & Heinen's

Colleen Wilkins


Conference Luncheons - Springman

Laura Jenny


Conference Luncheons - Attea

Erin DeNardis


Debra Gelfand Fund - Springman

Laura Horwitz


Debra Gelfand Fund - Attea

Kelly Brown


Dining for Dollars

Jennifer Preston



Printed Marianne Albovias

Electronic:  Christy Shellenbarger


Environment- Attea

Catherine Grey






Alla Block, Caroline Goodman, Kelly Gervin Raizer



Mandy Chiaireri, Catherine Rolfes, Monique Collins, Liz DeMattia


Holiday Helper / Roy Terry - Springman

Liz DeMattia, Amy Eccleston


Holiday Helper / Roy Terry - Attea

Dana Palmer, Shari Isaacs


School Supplies

Wendy Ban

Student Needs Liason- Attea

Rosemary Blandford


Student Needs Liason- Springman

Tina Newell


Staff Appreciation Liason -Attea

Colleen Klosa


Staff Appreciation Liason - Springman

Kathy Lawlwe, Marg Plante


Rotary Club - Springman

Dora Moats


Rotary Club -Attea

Marcy Petterson


Parent Education

Mandy Chiaireri


PTA Grants - Attea

Lisa Doyle, Karen Friedman, Patty Patt


PTA Grants - Springman

Julia Marquardt, Alison Sipe


School Board Observer

Anne Burke


Spiritwear - Attea

Linda Argeros, Sharon Mobley


Spiritwear - Springman

Lara Herbolsheimer


Hospitality (meetings, speakers, NJHS) - Springman

Lisa Anderson


Hospitality (meetings, speakers, NJHS) - Attea

Kari Bello


Character Counts -Attea

Gail Weiss


Character Counts - Springman

Cheryl Hoker


Run With the Law

Dana Palmer, Sue Patton

What does the PTA do?

Book Fair

An annual event each Fall at both schools, with books for the whole family! It’s held during Parent teacher conference week, so please attend with your student and siblings.

Box Tops

Please send them in to each school to raise PTA funds.

Cultural Arts

PTA helps fund these school-wide programs which vary from year to year. For details, please contact the Cultural Arts chairperson.

Debra Gelfand Fund

 PTA helps raise money to help district families in need.


PTA creates and distributes the school directory every year.


We encourage reducing, reusing and recycling throughout the year. Thanks for bringing reusable bottles and waste-free lunches!


PTA helps make 8th grade graduation a fantastic celebration.


for Teacher Wish List Items

Ink Jet Recycling

Please send them into each school to raise PTA funds.

Parents In Partnership

 Our PTA and the district support this free, half-day event each year. Seminars feature a variety of speakers offering parenting information and practical advice to help our children develop into resilient, respectful and responsible people.

Innisbrook Wrapping Paper

Our only real fundraiser, with quality wrapping paper and gift items. Monies raised help grant funds for teacher Wish list items.

Spirit Wear

Fun clothing to show school spirit for both kids and adults!