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SPAT PTA Membership Sign-Up





SP/AT PTA is excited to offer an electronic system to sign up for the PTA and access the Springman and Attea school directories.


Joining is simple:  Please check your e-mail to use your login to sign up for the Springman-Attea PTA.  We are using A to Z Connect again this year, so just verify your information via the link at:  If you have any questions, please e-mail us at:

Character Counts Food Drive


Kids Care Food Drive to benefit Northfield Township Food Pantry.


October 22 - 26, 2018


The students of District 34, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, St. Catherine Laboure, and District 30 are coming together in conjunction with Character Counts week, to collect food items to be donated to the Northfield Township Food Pantry. Click here for more information.




We started the new school year off with a bang by hosting a breakfast for our awesome teachers! Events like this are paid for by the PTA and we need your help.


We're trying to make this as easy as possible, so please check out the details and donate at whatever level you’d like (It's so low stress we’ve copied from last year).


Thank you in advance for your support!!!


$15 I do not want to bake, so here is the money I would have spent on those cupcakes.


$25 I do not want to hit up friends, family, and co-workers, so here is the money I would have spent buying wrapping paper.


$50 I do not want to walk, swim or run in any event with the word “thon” in it. Here’s money I would have spent on my child’s “free” t-shirt.


$75 I don’t want to attend any fancy parties, so here is the money I would have spent on a new outfit.


$100 Here is $100 to forget my name.


$             I am making this donation to express my appreciation for having nothing to buy, sell, or do, except read this form.


Please make your donation via the Paypal button OR print this form and drop a check made out to SPAT PTA into a container marked “PTA No Stress Fundraiser” at your school’s office between Sept. 5-20.

Letter from the Principals - August 2018


Welcome back to a new school year!  We eagerly await the arrival of more than 1,600 students at both middle schools.  Of course, we know that there is plenty of excitement and probably a good measure of nervous anticipation for our new 6th graders as well as for a number of our returning 7th and 8th graders.  Transitions very typically are challenging, and re-starting school is no exception.  A change in schedule, routines, daily demands, and for some of our students, a big change in the place and people they are going to spend significant time with – any or all of these can present a challenge to our adolescents.  


The middle schools embrace these challenges because we know that they are key components of our students’ growth.  We can and certainly do provide targeted support for our students (indeed, that is a big part of what the “middle school philosophy” is all about).  For our new families/students, for example, we host a New to Glenview Orientation (Aug. 20 at 4pm at each school); we have an Open House for our 6th graders (Aug. 20 at 5pm at each school); and during the first week or so of school the teachers and administration devote significant time to “re-orienting” students back to school


At the same time, however, we know that students need to face challenges in order to develop the kind of resiliency, coping capacity, and problem-solving skills that will serve them in life.  At the middle school level the demands to mix and mingle with new people will increase, the expectations for independence will rise, the choices they’ll have to make for pursuing interests will get more complex; the degree of accountability for their decision making will expand.  As they all should.  Growth is attained by developing new capacities to address a need or overcome problems.  And the middle school philosophy focuses on the growth of the whole child, which means that our students need opportunities to be fulfilled through successes as well as to wrestle with intellectual, social, and emotional challenges.  


A complex and important process to be sure… We aspire to provide all of our students with what they need to fulfill the District’s mission: to be self-directed learners and responsible decision makers.  


We look forward to partnering with you this year as we help our students increase their levels of independence.


Wishing you a happy and successful school year.


Jason Kaiz and Mark Richter

From the PTA Presidents - August 2018


Dear Springman and Attea Families –


Welcome to the 2018-19 school year!


We are the co-presidents of this year’s PTA and wanted to welcome you back to school!  Our goal is to continue to promote a sense of community between the two schools and encourage participation among all parents. Being part of the Springman-Attea PTA (SPAT PTA) is a great way to connect with your school, its teachers and administration. There are many opportunities to be involved this year and we are excited to begin! We realize how busy everyone is with kids, work and other commitments and truly appreciate any level of involvement and support.


We will communicate via eblast every Monday. The eblasts will be the primary form of communication between the PTA and its members and will contain up to date information about what is happening with the PTA at the schools. We understand that many people cannot attend the PTA meetings and want to find a way to encourage participation regardless. There will be a brief synopsis of each meeting on the website ( along with a link of the detailed minutes. We would love to hear from you with any ideas throughout the year. Please contact us at


Thank you to all who have already volunteered to work with the PTA. We still have many opportunities for those who are interested to help, whether it be behind the scenes at home or at the school participating in functions. Please see the SPAT PTA website for more details.


Join us on September 11th at 9:15 at Attea and learn more about how to get involved!


Looking forward to a great year ahead!


Alisa Cios & Dana Doffin


SPAT PTA Co-Presidents


Parents Volunteering at School Should Tailor Skills to Different Stages

District 34's Social Media Policy


As we mentioned in last week's focus, here are the links to District 34's Social Media Policy as well as the link to Jenn Nimke's presentation about the world of social media.



Click here to view the presentation.

Click here for the District Social Media Policy.

Box Tops Reminder

Don't forget to drop off your box tops at the front office of each school! This is an amazing program that raises money for our schools!


Upcoming Events


PTA Membership Drive


October 17-19

Fall Book Fair


October 19

No School - Conference Day


October 22-26

Character Counts Food Drive


October 30

Fall Fest (hosted at Attea)

PTA Meetings

All meetings start at 9:15 a.m. unless otherwise noted.


September 11       Attea


October 10  7:00pm   Attea


November 7  7:00pm Springman


December 11        Springman


January 14           Attea


February 13  7:00pm  Attea


March 13  7:00pm     Springman


April 9                       Springman


May 7                  Attea

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