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Yes, it’s back for the 19-20 school year…




But wait this is more than just no stress.  Your child can win something too!!!


On Friday, September 13th, 20th and 27th your child could win a prize during their lunch period.  All you have to do is complete the accompanying envelope and send it back in. The earlier you send it in the quicker your child gets into the weekly drawings.


Please make your donation via Paypal to or at OR drop a check made out to SPAT PTA in a container marked “PTA No Stress Fundraiser” at your school’s office. Thanks!

"Parents-  did your student not bring home their envelope for their chance to win in the Friday raffles?  No problem!  Simply click the link below for the no stress fundraiser- student raffle envelope, print out the form, and have them bring it to the office.  Make sure they put their paper in the box marked with their grade level!  They can't win if they don't turn anything in.  


Questions?  contact us at 


Thank you for your support for the Springman-Attea PTA.


Please click here: No stress fundraiser - student raffle envelope



Sat., Sept. 28: 11am-10:30pm

Glenview Rd. between Church & Pine Streets

For more information, click here.

Want a great job working with kids?

Want to work the same days your kids attend school? 

Want a job where you have summers off? 


District 34 Food Service is looking for energetic, flexible and dependable candidates who can work in a fast-paced environment, use a computer, and have great customer service skills.


Our work schedule follows student attendance days. Health and retirement benefits as well as paid sick time included with some job openings.  Direct questions to Kimberly Cleveland, Director of Food Service,


Please apply online at


District 34 is an equal opportunity employer.  

SPAT PTA Membership Sign-Up



For the 2019-2020 school year we have made it very simple to join the Springman-Attea PTA online with no additional fees.


You can pay your dues, donate to the NO STRESS FUNDRAISER, and more by using this link.

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PTA Meetings



Sep 17   9:15am      Attea


Oct 16        7:00pm      Attea


Nov 13    7:00pm        Springman


Dec 17    9:15am     Springman


Jan 21    9:15am      Attea


Feb 19        7:00pm        Attea


Mar 17    9:15am      Springman


Apr 15    7:00pm      Springman


May 19    9:15am     Attea

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