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SPAT PTA Membership & Directories



As many of you know, each year you are initially asked to join the PTA during the registration process and then multiple times throughout the year.


In an effort to simplify our membership process, for the upcoming 2018-19 school year, PTA membership will not be linked with registration. Instead, to become a PTA member, you will be asked to join through our A to Z on-line directory process.


In early October, each family will receive an email with their login credentials to the digital directory. Once you log into the directory, you will be asked to confirm your personal information, join the PTA and pay your membership dues -- all through the A to Z Directory.


Details about this process will be provided at the beginning of the school year. If you have any questions right now, please contact Alla Block and Anne Hoffer at



When you register your child for school, you will be asked to check a box giving the District permission to include your contact information in our printed and on-line directories.


Only those who check the box will be included in the directories. Additionally, if the box is not checked, we will have no way to email you information about upcoming events.


Please remember to check the box to be included in the PTA directories and to continue to receive weekly updates about PTA events. Checking this box is not related to membership in the PTA

Springman & Attea- Six Flags & Graduation


Preparations have already begun for the graduation from Attea and Springman Middle Schools. The following letter detailing the class trip to Great America as well as the party that follows the graduation ceremony have gone out via mail to all 8th grade families. All forms and payments are due to the front school office no later than April 13th. Please note that the check for Great America is payable to Attea Middle School whereas the check for the T-shirt and party is payable to SPAT PTA.


Please contact Alla Block ( with any questions.


Attea graduation date is May 30th.

Springman graduation date is May 31st.

A Note From the PTA Co-Presidents


Well, we have to admit, we might have thought this too! At least until we decided to accept the position of Co-Presidents and discovered how wrong we really were! We have met and worked with so many amazing parents who care so much about the well-being of our students and the schools. The dedication of the parents working with the PTA is inspiring. It has been our honor to work beside all of you.


As we approach the last few months of school, and the final days of our two year term, we wanted to briefly reflect on our experience as PTA representatives. It has been a true pleasure to have worked with Mr. Richter and Mr. Kaiz toward the common goal of the growth of the students at Springman and Attea. Together we were able to focus on building a community between parents and the schools and we would like to invite you to help continue this collaboration and be part of the PTA leadership. We are actively looking for Co-Presidents for the 2018-19 school year. As PTA presidents, you would be helping to facilitate many aspects of the school experience. If you think this is something you are interested in, please contact us at


Thank you!

Karen Hitzeman and Moira Hathcock

Letter from the Principals


Hello Middle School Parents,


Social-Emotional Health in the waning weeks of the school year.


The final unit of the year in the middle schools' social-emotional learning curriculum, Second Step, focuses on peer relationships. In particular, the emphasis is on conflict. Although the unit varies in content slightly by grade level, some of the common elements include perspective taking, avoiding faulty assumptions or conclusions, and individual responsibility for avoiding and resolving conflict.


The dynamic aspects of adolescent identity development certainly magnify the complications of peer relationships that we see at all ages. However, middle school is a particularly turbulent period of time given how rapidly and significantly students change. Yet, it isn't the absence of conflict and social turbulence that signify healthy kids - although it is certainly easier and more pleasant without the "drama"; rather, it is students' ability to recognize and respond to potential and actual conflict in healthy ways that will serve them well going forward.


The unit is well timed. The end of the school year is a significant transition point for students. And though an extended summer vacation is a source of excitement for students, it can be jarring for students: a break in the comfort of routines, a departure from seeing school-based friends regularly, a stoppage in a favored school-based activity or club. Sometimes these disruptions contribute to disregulation and acting out. A unit on recognizing and resolving conflict will hopefully contribute to a peaceful and happy closure to the school year.




Jason Kaiz and Mark Richter

National Junior Honor Society Guidelines


Check your child's school guidelines and application for the NJHS that is due this spring.


Attea: click here. The ceremony is scheduled for May 15 @ 7:00pm.

Springman: click here. 6th grade ceremony is scheduled for May 15 @ 2:oopm and the 7th & 8th grade ceremony is on May 15 @ 7:00pm.

Glenview Education Foundation-

Volunteer Opportunity


Do you have a passion for event planning?

Did you love Glenview's Got Talent and Dancing with the Local Stars?


The Glenview Education Foundation needs you!


GEF is looking for a District 34 parent/parents that want to take on event for the Glenview community and maybe a little fundraising in the process.


If this sounds like you, please contact Meg Costigan at

Box Tops Reminder

Don't forget to drop off your box tops at the front office of each school! This is an amazing program that raises money for our schools!


Upcoming Events

April 30-May 4

Staff Appreciation Week


May 3

Staff Appreciation Lunch


May 3

Vintage Nest Shopping Day


May 15

NJHS Ceremonies


May 28

No School - Memorial Day


May 29

8th Grade Great American Trip


May 30

Attea Graduation


May 31

Springman Graduation

PTA Meetings

All meetings start at 9:15 a.m. unless otherwise noted.


September 12       Attea


October 11  7:00pm   Attea


November 8  7:00pm Springman


December 12        Springman


January 16           Attea


February 7  6:30pm   Attea


March 6  7:00pm      Springman


April 10                      Springman


May 8                  Attea

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